Hydrate me Bae!

Morning Darlings!

ok so after all of the makeup, drinks and excitement over the festive period (I hope you all had a fab one btw), my skin is feeling rather dehydrated (the weather doesnt help!) so i took myself out to look for something that will help and QUICK!

I returned back to my castle (I wish LOL) with this little beauty.....

Olay Anti-Wrinkle (its recommended you use anti-wrinkle products from the tender age of 18) and I have to say after 4 days of using it, my skin is back and glowing more than ever!

I most definatley recommend this to everyone. I purchased it from Asda for £4.99! BARGAIN!!

If any of you dolls buy this, id love to hear what you think of it, e mail me and let me know.




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