RED is the colour of love...


Its nearly Valentines day -how many of you are all loved up?!?! BARF (i'm joking, i'm just jealous really LOL).

I was approached last week by Libby Wilkinson, Journalist for The Sentinal, to recommend, review and give some insight on my fave red lipsticks!

Below are the ones that I love and my clients 'go too' shades of red. (PLEASE take note of my hot water and lemon - how healthy am I lol :))

The Shades of red that i chose were:


This is my all-time favourite red lipstick and the red I wear most often.

I absolutely love it because of how durable and long-lasting it is – I can go out for food and drinks and it hardly wears off so I don't need to reapply it as often.

It's creamy and easy to apply but when dry it looks matt, so it's versatile too and it's the sort of shade that looks fab on all skin tones.

Although it may be priced a little higher than the high street brands you will definitely get your wear out it and it'll become your make-up bag staple - I PROMISE!


This lipstick is very popular with my clients – this is their go-to red lipstick. It's a matte lipstick, so when applying I suggest you put a little lip balm or lip primer underneath.

This will also make the product go on easier and stop your lips from feeling dry.


The Kate Moss range is the BEST range Rimmel has ever brought out! Every lipstick in this affordable range is of a real high quality.

The 107 shade in this range is a darker shade of red with some purple undertones and it's a favourite amongst a lot of famous make-up artists. It applies very easily and is very smooth and because of the deep colour it's a great one to choose in the colder months.


Eva's Pure Red is more of a deep orangey red with slight brown undertones.

I've used this on various different clients and every time it looks different depending on the pigments in people's lips and their natural colouring and skin tone

I like the way L'Oréal have used a range of people with different skin tones to match their reds as this helps people to know what colour red will match their skin tone easier when shopping - nice shout Loreal!!

This particular one applies very well but I would advise on using a brown, dark orange or red lip liner before applying to ensure it doesn't bleed while you're wearing it. It's also a good one to wear during the day as it's not too bold.


Yep, i said it.... LIP LINER! I know it seems odd but certain lip liners work as lipsticks too! Simply draw your outline with the pencil and then colour the whole lip in - easy!

This is my go-to lip liner for all red and dark orange lipsticks too.

It's also a true red colour – it's very classic, and the colour lasts hours before you have to top it up again. If you wanted to tone it down slightly you could go over it with a little nude or clear gloss.

you can read the full article in The Sentinel here




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