Whats in my Makeup Bag....


So this ones short and sweet! There is a lot of discussion about my personal makeup bag, mainly because I don't wear makeup to work.

It's not that I don't want to its because 1. I have sensitive skin so if I wore it everyday my skin would be even worse, and im on a fab journey with my skin at the min - its looking so much better from having my acid peels! 2. id rather the extra half hour in bed to be honest (even though I'm doing this whole get up at 6am thing, its actually pretty horrendous but it does get a bit easier 🙄)

So what sparked the conversation in the salon was one of my clients (who is caucasian, fair skinned and has light brown hair might I add) asked me to borrow my foundation.....Yes let that sink in for a sec. So for anyone who has never seen or met me I am a black woman (a strong independent one at that! and you'll obvz see that in the video). So the face I pulled was obviously a picture, im also not to sure what came out of my mouth either 🤷🏽‍♀️ but she explained she needed to see what was in my makeup bag because after her tan she'd be able to do her face with my makeup. Im like ok hun this is a bit OTT but crack on, and guess what! She only bloody did it!!!!!

Anyway back to it, there was a discussion, and everyone in the salon at that time needed to raid my makeup bag (anxiety through the roof because I hate people in my things. If you dont believe me ask my sister she doesn't even come to my house any more because she says I stress her out with my OCD. I think she's dramatic, but hey at least my house stays clean and my things dont get robbed lol). So after having a mini melt down at people in my makeup bag I agreed to do a video on what's in it. So here it is.

I hope you enjoy!

Lots of Love

Hannah-Curlita xoxo

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