5 Tips to be a Remarkable Leader

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How are you all doing during lockdown 3.0?! I hope everyones doing ok.

I know I haven't been live on here for a while, but I'm back now with a new twist (as you've all probably seen on my instagram where I am ever so vocal LOL). The new twist is more 'businessy', where we are the brains AND the beauty!

I have recently developed a mentoring & personal development programme for women who are starting out and who are already in business. This came about about by loads of my clients starting businesses and projects and asking me for tips and advice on business things, so it was the natural next step for me to take, to be able to help everyone. Then when I was asked to write the article it naturally fit right in!

So I was approached to write an article for Be Your Own UK who are a digital media and news company, who's mission is to build a community to help lead and inspire women in business.

Emma, The Managing Editor at Be Your Own asked me to write an article giving business women 5 ways in which they can be a remarkable leaders (you can imagine how happy I was when she asked me to do this, as this is right up my street!).

You can read the article here, but you will only be able to see the full article if you are a subscriber of Be Your Own, so i've included the points below in this blog post.

In this day and age its so important to lead with passion, integrity and to be a great leader and role mole. With trends rapidly popping up out of no where and the world changing so quickly around us, here’s 5 tips you need to continually ‘Fly high’ in your business by Hannah-Curlita Dennis

1. Authenticity, honesty and transparency - make a commitment to yourself, your team and your consumers to be authentic, honest and transparent. Having these core values from the get-go (in life and not just business) will take you far in life. You want them to know they can rely on you and your company as well as being able to relate to you. This builds up trust and you will subsequently be at the forefront of their mind in the future. 2. Have Motivation and Stay Disciplined - yes, motivation is needed to deliver what you need, which is great and the days we are fully pumped we are likely to be majorly productive. BUT there are going to be some days where you aren’t as motivated as others and this is where self-discipline comes in. It’s normal to have off days, but, darling, off days don’t pay the bills or get things done! When you feel like this, the aim is to stay disciplined so you can always deliver and stay on target. Being organised will help you stay disciplined.

3. Organisation and Planning - Organisation and planning is KEY! I can’t stress this enough. Plan your day(s) the night before. Set times, be realistic and don't miss out key contributing factors. One of the best ways to do this is to utilise your calendar or diary. This will also help clear your mind so you can concentrate on the task at hand. For example, if you have a meeting 20 minutes away for 1 hour, don’t forget to schedule the travel time each side and allow for traffic or delays to public transport. You should also allow for things like putting fuel in your car. Nowadays, with the pandemic and having to queue outside shops, things are taking longer to accomplish and your time can be eaten into unexpectedly. Another example is if you have to record a new blog video (great!), it will take you approximately 2 hours to record, but you need to include the studio set-up time and the time you're going to be sorting out charging camera batteries and making sure the lighting is correct. 9 times out of 10 this is an extra 30 mins on top of the recording. All of this should be put it in your diary. 4. Clear Working Space - tidy house/office, tidy mind. Declutter and tidy up the room you work in (especially your desk!). Having a clear space to work from will help your mind to stay calm and focused. Studies show that having natural light in the space you work in will also help with calmness and focusing on work. If you don’t have a window, change your lightbulbs to daylight ones. These are easily accessible in your local hardware store. 5. Be Flexible & Grab Opportunities - having a plan you're working on is great, until a new trend goes viral and will benefit your business if it can be applied. DO IT! Don’t spend too much time deliberating or you could miss a great opportunity. You need to be able to be flexible and adapt to changing situations quickly. Don’t stress! You had a plan in place, you can pause it there, try the new approach and if it works, great! If not, you can just go back to the point in your original plan and continue as you first intended. This flexibility could be the making of your business.

I hope you all enjoyed and took value from this. As always I would love to hear your feedback. You can email me directly on info@hannahcurlitabeauty.com

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P.S if anyone is interested in more details on mentoring contact me via the email address above.

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