Can I have a Sunbed?

Me again, hope everyone is ok! A question I get asked ALL OF THE TIME is “Han, can I have a sunbed?” the answer in short is no!

Firstly sunbeds damage your skin anyway and the reason why you cant have them around the time of your treatments is because tanning (in general) is the sun damaging the skin. It’s trauma to the skin which now needs to be repaired. Which means, I will not be able to blade or needle an already compromised skin barrier this goes for skin and SPMU. It is too much trauma to the skin & needs time to repair first and i will always put your health first.

Heres a little timeline of what you should avoid and when before treatments:

SPMU - avoid 2-4 weeks either side of treatment.

Advanced facials (microneedling, peels etc) stop tanning 2 weeks either side of treatment.

Home skin care: stop using retinols, vitamin C and any form of anti ageing skin care 1 weeks before treatment. Specific aftercare for each treatment will be given to you on the day of your appointment.

EVERYTHING! all of the above!! Avoid Caffeine, ibuprofen & alcohol 24hrs before and until 48hrs after treatment. It thins the blood and can prolong any swelling.

Pre care is 25% of your results and your responsibility! You will see more details in your treatment consultation forms to help you understand the risks and set realistic expectations. We are in this together and I am there to support every step of the way BUT it is vital that you are educated on what is expected of you before & after to ensure you get the best results and to avoid any possible infections or problems.

Also whilst I'm here can we talk about instant tan! stop putting it on your brow area when you have tint it turns your brows GREEN!! That is all

Love always

Han xx

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