Dermaplaning 101

One of the deepest exfoliating facials you can have!

▪️Removes dead skin

▪️Removed velus hair which traps dirt on your face. This is why you should change your pillow case every 3 days so the bacteria isn’t building up and going back onto your face after you’ve washed it.

▪️Reduces the sight of wrinkles

▪️Helps fade acne scarring

▪️Your skin care products will work much better and faster after this as they will penetrate straight into the new skin (literally watch them work) 🤩

▪️ Your makeup will go in flawless and last so much longer

▪️For best results and for targeting a problem eg acne scarring, you should have this every 4-5 weeks.

▪️If you want this just for a de clog and refresh every you should have this every 8-10 weeks

The picture below is after a dermaplaning facial. You can see all of the dead skin, blackheads and velus hair which has been removed.

Look at everything coming off Zoe's face - so satisfying!