How Frequent Skin Care Should be Done!

Hi Darlings

I hope everyone is well! this post is about how frequently you should be doing your daily, weekly and monthly skin care. I've put it in a diagram for ease.

Please note, this is a guide for general skin care and doesn't apply to everyone. If you are on a bespoke skin plan from my clinic or a dermatologist please, please follow the personal instructions and the frequency for treatment and products you have been given. For example someone in my clinic who is suffering with acne may be seeing me for treatments/facials every 2 weeks rather than monthly. So please bare that in mind when reading this.

The below frequency is general for everyone, mum, dad and the teenagers!

As always if you need anything from me or aren't sure on somethings to do with your skin just give me a call to book a consultation.

Love always,

Hannah-Curlita xxx

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