Skincare for the Kids!

Hi guys, I hope everyone is doing ok. This post is for the parents!

I get quite a few messages from mums and dads who want to be book their children in for facials or buy the kids the same skin care products I’ve recommended for them. Unfortunately you cant because I’m not legally allowed to treat kids under the age of 16 (due to insurances etc. you'll struggle to find somewhere that does this) and a lot of the products I recommend and prescribe for you guys are too harsh for the kids.

BUT (there is always a but) I have done a little research because you know I love to help people.

Now the products I am going to recommend have been tried and tested on a couple of my God children (the ones I’m talking about specifically here are 11 and 12 years old). Dont worry I haven’t used them as guinea pigs, but I do take them skin care and makeup shopping as I feel its my duty as a "cool" Godmother to educate them so they know what they are putting on their faces (they actually find it dead boring when I go into detail on ingredients, but I refuse to let them buy sh*t! Lol) so I have seen first hand results on them.

Parent Tips:

  • Because their skin is still developing and can be more sensitive, any product you use needs to have gentle and calming ingredients in, and not be too harsh e.g. cleansers, we want them to remove the dirt but NOT strip their skin of the moisture they need for their skin to continue to rejuvenate and develop.

  • Get the children into a morning and evening routine to make looking after their skin a habit.

  • Just because we use(d) certain things now or as children, doesn’t mean it going to work for the kids. Everyone is different.

  • If they’re having regular breakouts, check their diet. Some causes may be hormones, but some things like sugar and dairy can sometimes contribute to skin conditions. eg if I have sugar in my brews for a day or two, guaranteed the next few days i'll have spots from it. That’s just how my body reacts. Where as one of my friends, approx 6 brews a day, 2 sugars per brew - no spots at all!

Bottom line is, they don’t need lots of products, they just need a simple routine to keep their skin clean and rid of bacteria build up! It is as easy as 1,2,3.

They generally want to cleanse to get rid of the dirt and bacteria a build up, hydrate which will help renew skin cells and moisturise which helps with skin rejuvenation and to keep the skin happy and calm.


Nip and fab do a couple of fab teen ranges. The product we tried was ‘Teen Skin Fix Gel Cleanser’. This has ingredients that breakdown trapped dirt and exfoliate it away which reduces inflammation. I would only recommend this if you want to treat a problem and not to prevent it due to the acid ingredients it has and the kids young skin sensitivity. You can get this in Superdrug they nearly always have these on 3 for 2.

Avène Cleanance Cleansing Gel Cleanser for Blemish-Prone Skin - Avene are one of my all time favourite skin care brands! Their product range is developed by dermatologists and off sensitivity issues which makes it, in my opinion probably one of the best sensitive skin care brands on the market. This cleanser is a soap free cleansing gel for oily and blemish prone skin, that gently removes oil, dirt and other impurities, without stripping the skin. They also say its safe to use on the face and the body!

Avene Sensitive’s skin kit. This came in a cute 3 step routine with instructions which is actually perfect for any age and easy to do. The USP for this was its "Gentle routine that contains all the steps needed to soothe, comfort and protect the skin”. This used to only be available in dermatologist’s but now you can get this in boots. This is a good set to get the kids into an easy routine.

Avène Hydrance UV-Light Hydrating Emulsion SPF30 Moisturiser - A lightweight moisturiser with SPF30 in (EVERYONE NEEDS SPF EVERYDAY - EVEN IN THE WINTER!) This is for normal and combination skin, and we concur, this is very lightweight - I use this too as a moisturiser and primer before my makeup!

I hope this has helped you guys. If you get these and use them, let me know how you get on. If you find other products out there and have really good results, again let me know.

Speak soon

Han xx

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