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Glam Power

April 24, 2019

Afternoon Darlings!


So this week I decided to do something a little different. I was in the gym and heard someone having an opinion on someone wearing makeup to the gym (I mean why is it your business hun 🤷🏽‍♀️?). Who cares what someone else goes to the gym looking like or for the reason they go to the gym. 


Personally I go to the gym because I can't control what I put into my mouth so I have to work it off (I just love food guys, I mean like LOVE food, like MAJORLY) and I generally tend to go to the gym, looking homeless with no makeup on because thats just me day to day (I'd rather the extra half hour in bed to be honest duck). Dont be fooled though because on a night out I can seriously SLAY hun 😂💁🏽.


There are various reasons why others go to the gym, not just for weight loss, for mental stimulation, to help with depression or just for a break from life (we address some more of them in the video below).


I mentioned this whilst in the gym to Nina (she owns G Force) and that's when 'Glam Power' was born!


The idea/meaning behind the video  is to empower women to be who they want to be and do what makes them feel good on the inside and out!!


Whether you turn up to your work out with make up on, hair done, fake tan . Or no make up/fresh faced , fresh out of bed or even not so straight from a night shift does it matter?? I think not! Its how you feel inside.  


It can be hard to feel good enough to make it through the door sometimes so if it means slapping some lippy on (preferably Winnie Beau London Lippies 😉) and mascara to get there then thats what we should be encouraging!

Kelly did Nina's make up to show that even under the sweatiest of conditions there is no reason to have your eye brows or foundation sweating off half way down your face, and to show that the lipsticks actually stay on for hoursssss.


Makeup Product Lists:


Kelly & Nina:


Primark dark brown brow pencil 

NARS brow gel to set brows

Winnie Beau London - Flossy 

Winnie Beau London - Sassy 

Maybeline fit me foundation 

peaches and. cream Gatsby glitter pigment 

NARS orgasm blusher

Iconic London prep, set and glow 

boreal baby roll mascara 




Mac studio fix fluid foundation 

NIP & FAB banana powder

Winnie Beau London - Curlita (obvz 😂)

NARS creamy concealer 

MAC spiked brow pencil 

Prima lashes in style savage - we sell these in salon girls so pop in!

MAC highlight/blusher in Margin 






If you have any questions or feedback let us know



Han xx



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