Trust the SPMU Process

Trust the SPMU Process

Hi loves,
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In this article I wanted to touch on the process of Semi Permanent Makeup Brows aka SPMU.
What you see as soon as we have finished the first part of the treatment is NOT how they are going to heal. On average the colour you see will fade up to 30-40% lighter and look softer when your skin has healed. The healing process is about 6 weeks and this is when you will come in for your top up.
one thing I will say is that not everyones skin will heal the same. Some people heal quicker and some need a little longer. For example i took 4-5 weeks to heal and my best friend took 2-3 weeks to heal and we both had microblading with the same brand of products etc and both done by myself. EVERYONES BODY AND METABOLISM IS DIFFERENT! It also depends on your skin type, your age and your overall health - bare this in mind.
Your top up appointment is also known as the 'Perfecting Appointment'. The length of time you'll be here for is between 30-60 minutes. In this appointment you can choose to go darker (most of you actually do) and we can fill in the little gaps that haven't stuck if there are any and also add some extra if you think you need a little more.
Healing stages:
  • Days 1-4: eyebrows swollen and dark
  • Days 5-10: scabbing and flaking (this isn't like a massive scab, more like dandruff of the brow is how i like to explain it lol)
  • Days 8-11: eyebrows too light, almost disappeared (don't have a melt down its normal)
  • Days 11-14: the colour is coming back, but the brows look patchy
  • Week 6 -touch up (6-8 weeks after the initial procedure)
  • Full recovery (after a few days of microblading healing process after top up)
Below is a picture of one of my clients a couple of months ago. The stages shown are:
  1. Before
  2. Mapping getting the shape
  3. freshly finished after the first appointment
  4. Healed at week 8 ready for her top up appointment.
I want you to pay attention to the colour for her brows as soon as we finished them and then compare them to her healed results on week 8. This is what I mentioned earlier in regards to the colour.
I hope this article has helped you have a better understanding of the SPMU Brow healing process.
Any questions just give me a call or text. 
Love Always
Han xxx
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I am interested in having my eyebrows microbladed can you please give me a rough idea of cost. Thank you

Aj Singh

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