The Team

Ive been in the industry for just over 15 years now. I hold qualifications as a Beautician, Educator, Semi-Permanent Makeup Specialist, Advanced Skincare Expert, and Makeup Creative – a diverse portfolio born out of my genuine passion for the beauty industry. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of training with distinguished professionals, including doctors and scientists, reinforcing my belief in perpetual learning and personal growth. In addition to my multifaceted roles, I work as a mentor. 

My ultimate goal is to help people look and feel great about themselves from the inside out, fostering a space where everyone is embraced, regardless of their state – whether they come as they are, dressed to the nines, or recovering from the weekend, everyone is welcome.

Passionate about education, I like to empower my clients by providing insights into their treatments and products, explaining the rationale behind each step to achieve the desired results. A pivotal moment in my journey occurred during a transformative course, where a profound "student teachers teacher" (I was the student) experience led me to a divine calling to teach. 


For those that don’t know, my name’s Saira.  I own Resolve Physiotherapy @resolvephysio and have done now for over 12 years.  My background as you can probably guess is in private practise physiotherapy - a career focused on treating injuries, pain and dysfunction of the human body.  My specialist areas being those affecting the muscle, skeletal and nervous systems.  I have an undergraduate degree (BSc) and 5 Masters (MSc - I know geek!) - my commitment to education and really making sure I know everything I can is longstanding.
 I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with some of the highest level athletes, companies and celebrities in the world, touring with #KevinHart and #Drake to name just a few, delivering treatments to them personally and their close teams.  
Three of my MSc’s relate -  one in injection therapy, one in prescribing and one in pharmacology.  Basically allowing me to understand, prescribe and inject certain medications.  I’ve used these skills a lot in my work as a clinical lead specialist physiotherapist.  I up-skilled, combining my love for aesthetics and medical background to allow me to safely deliver injectable aesthetic treatments. 
I continue to invest heavily in training and education to make sure that what I know and deliver to each and every one of you is the best in terms of aesthetics, but more importantly, safety.
I take the time to consult with you fully to understand your goals, and combine that with my knowledge and experience to advise you on the best options for you; considering your whole face (& body) before we go ahead.  This job requires knowledge AND artistry and I’m confident that I deliver this to all of you!  Any questions - feel free to contact me.
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