About Hannah-Curlita


"I wholeheartedly believe that my God given purpose is to help people. Whether it be in business, via beauty or to navigate through life. This is the concept I have based my brands on."


As a seasoned professional with over 15 years of extensive experience, I hold qualifications as a Beautician, Educator, Semi-Permanent Makeup Specialist, Advanced Skincare Expert, and Makeup Creative – a diverse portfolio born out of my genuine passion for the beauty industry. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of training with distinguished professionals, including doctors and scientists, reinforcing my belief in perpetual learning and personal growth. In addition to my multifaceted roles, I work as a mentor and speaker. 

My journey into the beauty world began at the age of 10 when my mother finally allowed me to have my nails done, (remember the old school fibreglass nails - that's what I had, I loved them) , sparking a lifelong fascination. I recognized early on the transformative power of a beautifully made-up face, clear glowing skin, defined brows, or meticulously enhanced nails in boosting confidence. 

As a Black woman, I recognise the significance of representation and cultural sensitivity. This motivates me to foster an inclusive environment in my clinics, where individuals from diverse backgrounds can feel at ease and confident. My own encounters in a Eurocentric world further fuel my determination to create a welcoming space for everyone. I am dedicated to staying informed about various cultures, prioritising the safety and reassurance of individuals from all backgrounds through continuous education and understanding.

My ultimate goal is to help people look and feel great about themselves from the inside out, fostering a space where everyone is embraced, regardless of their state – whether they come as they are, dressed to the nines, or recovering from the weekend, everyone is welcome.

Passionate about education, I like to empower my clients by providing insights into their treatments and products, explaining the rationale behind each step to achieve the desired results. A pivotal moment in my journey occurred during a transformative course, where a profound "student teachers teacher" (I was the student) experience led me to a divine calling to teach. 

Discover the array of services and educational opportunities I offer, where professionalism seamlessly combines with a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

A turning point in my journey unfolded during a course I attended, marked by a profound "student teachers teacher" experience, where I found myself in the student's role. Following that impactful course, I distinctly heard God's voice, compelling me to embark on the path of teaching. Fast forward, I am now a qualified lecturer, and absolutely love being able to share my knowledge and insights with others.

My dedication lies within our community too, I often work with young adults transitioning from Foster care and women reentering society through the probation services after prison and teach them beauty and business skills. Witnessing the direct impact of my teaching on their lives never fails to astonish me. This calling, which I never anticipated, has become an essential and fulfilling part of my purpose.

You can find out about all of the courses and programmes we offer here.

I have a great love for makeup so when I had the chance to develop my own line, I wasn’t missing out on that opportunity. In 2017 Winnie Beau London was born! You can find out more about that here.