Why Black People Need SPF

Why Black People Need SPF

Hi darlings, I hope you're ok. 

So there is something I want to address because I hear so many things (even from the people closest to me and I'm like do you ever even listen to the things I say) anyway - its why us black and brown folk need SPF.

As black people we most definitely need to apply SPF - all of the time.  When we're on holiday, when we're at home, like 365 days a year 24/7 that's what I say all the time.

Even though as black and brown people we have about SPF 13 naturally in our skin,  we just still need to top it up. Please use a 50! SPFS are made in both mineral and chemical formulas. The best one, I think (and so do a lot of other Dermatologists of our colour) for our type of skin is a mineral SPF which is zinc oxide based.


A couple of reasons why  mineral SPF is better is because the Zinc oxide has anti-inflammatory properties which is especially important for people who have melasma or red marks or any form of dermatitis.

Secondly A zinc oxide formula is less likely to leave us with that white grayish cast on our skin, you know the one that like when it doesn't absorb and it just sits there and you look dusty, there is non of that with a mineral based formula.  

I'm not saying that  chemical formulas are not good because there are some great brands out there, I'm just saying for the reasons that I've just said it  would be my preference to use a mineral formula.

My SPF recommendations would be both mineral and chemical 

Avene SPF 50 you can get that in boots

Beauty pie SPF - You can get the online on their website

Toskani SPF -  this is the one i use and love as it has shea butter in and helps make your skin so soft. You can get this from my website here

Cliniccare SPF - you can also get this one from our website here 

Eucerin -  SPF my mum loves Eucerin - you can get that from boots


So I hope this helps you, and I hope you ALWAYS wear your SPF. 


Any questions, my inbox is open.


Han xx

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