Working with people with Different Skin Tones & Ethncities

Working with people with Different Skin Tones & Ethncities

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I recently had the pleasure of Joining the lovely Dawn Cross at Insync insurance on their podcast to discuss working with darker skin tones in the beauty, skin and aesthetics industry.

Be prepared for an insightful and educational episode where I  share my expertise on working with different skin tones within our dynamic industry. As a dedicated practitioner, my journey has been enriched by the diverse array of clients I have worked with and the personal experiences i've faced over the years. This episode will shed a little light on the nuances and intricacies of catering to clients with darker skin tones, showcasing how this enriching experience has significantly widened my skill set and understanding more.

As a Black woman and as a practitioner, I've found that each skin tone presents unique challenges and opportunities - there no one size fits all. Navigating the world of beauty, skin and aesthetics demands a comprehensive grasp of cultural sensitivities, specialised treatments, and tailored skincare processes and routines. 

Through candid conversations and insightful conversations, I aim to provide my fellow professionals with practical insights that not only elevate your skill set but also foster a more inclusive approach to beauty, skin and aesthetics. 

The episode is now available for streaming on all platforms, and you can listen directly on:


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